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in a world full of stress noise and distractions


Somadome isn't a nap pod. Trust me. It's a dome that creatively combined light therapy, binaural beats and meditations to produce several unique sessions aligned with what your intention is. Once loaded into the dome, you can experience deep relaxation, the free-flow of energy, a place for your mind to solve problems, quiet down, or release stress. Adult & Kid Friendly!

This awesome pod may solve the most difficult thing about meditating
— Business Insider
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20 Minutes

Each 20-minute Somadome session is uniquely personal to what you need in the present moment. The session gently guides you in a meditation of your choice, while comfortably immersed in a dome of healing light.

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Short meaningful moments of restoration and relaxation can help improve your overall mental and physical wellness.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Boosts Immunity
Increases Serotonin
Decreases Anxiety & Depression Increases Focus & Intuition
Improves Memory & Cognitive Function Reduces Chronic Pain

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What to expect in a session

Because who doesn’t have 20 minutes…
  • Enter the pod and close the dome

  • Select your meditation track from the digital screen and put on noise cancelling headphones. Each track is tailored with different goals in mind. Pick the one that speaks to your current needs, and get comfortable.

  • The dome will illuminate in a color coordinated with your chosen track. Allow the words or sounds to gently guide you into a meditative state.

  • Your session will end with three chimes, which will wake you if you’ve fallen asleep. The dome color will reset to white.