Private readings

Private readings are done over the phone or in person at the Zome Studio, located in Geneva, NY. Daniel, his guides and your guides, will deliver messages from your loved ones in spirit that can offer healing, guidance and Love. 

*Please inquire for times that are not available on the calendar.

Private readings are for one person only. Any additional sitters will be an additional charge of $50 per extra sitter and up to 4 people. This is because the reading will go well over an hour with more people.

Your reading will be recorded and sent via email at no additional charge.

60 Minutes, phone   ($110)
60 Minutes, in person     ($150)


Group Readings

Daniel will travel to your home or at his office in Geneva, NY.

* This appointment requires you to book via email only.

Daniel will travel between the Rochester and Syracuse, NY area. Travel is included in price.

90 Minutes, (5-10 people) $500
120 Minutes (11 - 20 people) $900

If you would like Daniel from a reading outside of the areas mentioned above, please email for special engagements. Prices and travel is negotiable.


intuitive life guidance

Daniel uses his intuition, along with information from your guides and his, to not only to give you pertinent information and life guidance, but also to help you tap into your own intuition as well.  These sessions are intended for life coaching and guidance (not channeling). 

Your reading will be recorded and sent via email at no additional charge. 

60 Minutes, phone  ($110)
60 Minutes, in person ($150)